When it comes to celebrating a birthday, anniversary, baby/bridal shower, or any other occasion, you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly without a single glitch. These are special times in our lives, therefore everybody should have a memorable experience. And, since there is no rehearsal, wouldn't you want to make sure that your party is going to be a success, and everybody has a great time? Then, CREATIVELY YOURS is just the ticket. We are the fun party experts! 

 At CREATIVELY YOURS we have entertained hundreds of kids and adults parties throughout our 12 years in downtown Ridgewood. Thus, we have become THE FUN party destination for customers and their friends from all over Bergen County and beyond. 
 At CREATIVELY YOURS, we even double the fun, offering ceramic painting and glass fusion!



FREE personalized birthday plate!
Celebrating your kids' birthday party with their friends at Creatively Yours gives them the opportunity to have fun while creating their own masterpiece. You can even book the whole studio for a private party! 


The pieces will be glazed, fired, and ready for you to pick up in 7 days. 





Creatively Yours is the fun learning destination for your scout activities. Budding artists will have fun creating
a clay, ceramic, or glass project while learning about the different stages
involved in finalizing their masterpiece.

In our studio,  the scouts will learn

different techniques of pottery painting, clay building, or glass fusing. They will
also learn how the projects are completed.


We offer a wide selection of projects from 6-inch tiles/plaques ($12), Mug/cereal bowls ($17) figurines ($17), Clay building ($20), Glass fusing projects (starting at $25).





What a great venue to celebrate the most memorable events in your life! From bridal and baby showers to adult birthday parties or any other celebrations, we do it all! You can chose from a variety of ceramic painting, glass fusion or canvas painting projects.

And yes, you can bring snacks, food, and refreshments.




From planning to party time, we'll work with you every step, ensuring that your party is a success. It can't get any easier than that!
Call us today, so we can answer all of your questions and book your party.





KIDS' PARTIES - pricing is $27. Theme parties could be more depending on the piece. The price includes an hour and a half of studio time, the ceramic piece, all the paints, supplies, instructions, and the glazing and firing of the pieces. Plus dedicated staff that will help you and the little artists all along. They will make sure that everything goes smoothly throughout the party; We'll help you serve the birthday cake and best of all, we'll do the cleaning after the party.


You can choose from a large number of figurines, party animals, banks, boxes, princesses, plates, mugs, cars, etc, and of course the ever popular cupcake box.

If you have a theme party or want a certain item, just ask and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.


WE DO NOT ADD any gratuity to your final bill. 


GLASS FUSING  and  CANVAS PAINTING projects are also available for kids' parties - call for pricing and additional information.




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HOURS - by appointment only